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Tired of contacting 100’s of bankruptcy trustees to change your address or alter your contact details? Tired of having insolvency files directed to people or locations that are no longer valid? Wouldn’t it be nice to have just one contact point when changing your address and other important contact details? Are you looking to reduce the amount of paper your organization consumes on a daily basis?

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Data Exchange (BankEx™), a division of Promeric Technologies Inc., services bankruptcy trustees and creditors alike, in facilitating the exchange of bankruptcy and insolvency documents electronically. As an add-on to Canada’s leading insolvency software, Ascend, our goal at BankEx™ is to improve efficiencies within the bankruptcy industry by providing trustees and creditors the ability to communicate and exchange data in a, quick, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly manner. We are building a National Creditor List (NCL) allowing Trustees using the Ascend software to transmit bankruptcy and insolvency files to creditors via email or other methods of communication. The successful completion of this project will provide real savings to trustees and creditors alike and allow the industry to communicate and operate in a more efficient manner. This, at no cost to you! And, when you alter your address and contact details with us, you are changing your address with upwards of 90% of the bankruptcy trustees in Canada, greatly reducing the amount of time and cost associated with communicating changes like these. We invite you to participate in this project by completing this form (linked to web-based form).


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